I raced through this gripping tale in two sittings, only pausing to admire the stunning views of the snowy wilderness. Beautifully paced and twisty.
— Fiona Barton, New York Times bestselling author

Marian Engström has found her true calling: working with rescue dogs to help protect endangered wildlife. Her first assignment takes her to northern Alberta where she falls in love with her mentor, the daring and brilliant Tate. While separated from each other on another assignment, Marian is shattered to learn of Tate’s tragic death. Worse still is the aftermath in which she discovers disturbing inconsistencies about Tate’s life and begins to wonder if the man she loved could have been responsible for the unsolved murders of at least four women.

Hoping to clear Tate’s name, Marian reaches out to a retired forensic profiler who’s been haunted by the open cases. But as Marian relives her relationship with Tate and circles ever closer to the truth, evil stalks her every move.

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Praise for


“The Last Woman in the Forest is Diane Les Becquets at her best: unflinching and terrifying, yet buoyed by hope and love. This novel scared me, and it continues to scare me, but that didn’t stop me from racing through it. No one writing today has so connected the threats in our natural world to the threats in our emotional lives as well as Les Becquets has. This is a powerful novel, and a story I won’t forget.”
Wiley Cash, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Ballad


“A compelling and searing novel of grief, suspicion and examining the rugged terrain of the human heart.”
Riley Sager, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Time I Lied


 “A taut, well-crafted thriller that pulls readers in from the very first page and keeps them guessing until the very last. All this, while also illuminating universal truths about intuition, trust, and love.”
John Searles, New York Times bestselling author of Help for the Haunted