Amy Raye Latour, an experienced bow hunter with a heartbreaking past, ventures out alone in the wilderness while on a hunting trip with two male companions. Within hours, things go terribly wrong and a massive search and rescue operation ensues. Among the authorities that respond to the emergency call is Pru Hathaway, with her search and rescue dog, Kona. But after heavy snowfall, few leads, and increasingly treacherous conditions, the operation gradually turns into a search and recovery that will resume in the spring. Pru, though, is not resigned to that. The more she learns about the woman for whom she is searching, and about Amy Raye’s shadowy past, the more she suspects that Amy Raye might yet be alive. Pru’s own search becomes an obsession for a woman whose life is just as mysterious as the clues she has left behind.

As the novel follows Amy Raye and Pru in alternating threads, Breaking Wild assumes the hite-knuckled pace of a thriller laying bare Amy Raye’s struggle to remain alive despite harrowing conditions, and Pru’s dogged pursuit of the woman who, against all odds, she believes she can find.

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Praise for
Breaking Wild

“A deep and deeply nuanced meditation on survival. This is a thrilling, gorgeous debut, a novel that explores the human capacity to persevere despite the wounds of the past and the perils of the present."
Bret Anthony Johnston, National Bestselling author of Remember Me Like This and Corpus Christi

“Les Becquets masterfully builds the feeling of suspense throughout the story in a slow burn that ends in a climax of explosive intensity.”
— Erin Dodier, The Union Leader

“The sheer force of this book lies in the force of its two main characters. These are complicated women [who are] defined…not by their histories, their loves, their mistakes, or their suffering, but by their actions. It makes for a powerful, visceral book about the incredible human capacity to transcend the limitations imposed by our own pasts and our own fears.”
— Tana French, New York Times Bestselling author of In The Woods and The Secret Place