Diane Les Becquets

Some women are born wild. Some are made.

Breaking Wild is the debut adult novel by Diane Les Becquets from Berkley Books (Penguin Random House).  In this suspense book, a woman hunter finds a fights for survival in the wilderness.

I envision my website looking/feeling like a piece of art and very professional, not a scrapbook that I pasted together (mine). The kind of art that pulls you in, that feels safe and comfortable and has a mood - a soothing, yet evocative mood. Ease of use/navigation is important, as is clean and pure beauty. On pinterest I have a board called the writer's fashion - and it's all casual and natural. I love a worn, soft pair of jeans; t-shirts; flannel shirts; my totally worn in leather boots. I love dogs and horses, and writing in my 8x8 little shed tucked against the woods. I want my website to capture me - not me on campus and multi-tasking, etc. - but me in that lovely spiritual place of deep connection with the natural world and intimate connection with others. the kind of mood that feels warm and safe and in love and hungry and peaceful all at the same time.

Some women are born wild. Some are made.   The line was used on a belly band on the ARCs.  I love this line. I'm wondering if we can use it anywhere on the website - home page perhaps? I feel like it really captures not on the novel, but me, as well.


Facebook is: d.lesbecquets@snhu.edu; password: write4129; Twitter is: @dlesbecquets; dlesbecquets@gmail.com; password: write120

1) Colors: I love burnt orange (the color of the desert sand in Moab) - especially they way burn orange looks in evening light - I love the play of light on these tones; I love the color of salmon - though don't like pink; I love natural colors. I like some shades of purple. (I hate pastels.)

2) Fonts: I don't know. I like the Fonts used on Tamara's site.

3) I like Tamara's site. I don't like cluttered, noisy, busy sites. I like sites where I feel a sense of purity and calm, where you land on the site and it pulls you in, and you feel "ahhh," that peaceful good feeling of a deep breath being exhaled, like yes, I want to be here and stay a while.

4) Favorite things:  Food: blackberries; raspberries; LOVE/CRAVE black raspberry milkshakes; a good steak ( a little raw); salmon

Alcohol: Definitely scotch (Glen Levit), but sadly this summer it started to give me migraines. I am still hoping to find a way around this. If I drink wine, I prefer Pinot Grigio. For beer, I love Sam Adams Summer.

Books/writers: My two favorite books are: THE HOURS by Michael Cunningham and SHEPHERDESS OF ELK RIVER VALLEY by Margaret Duncan Brown (this is a collection of her journal entries -  a woman who made it on her own after her husband died as a sheep rancher - she is definitely my soul mate, and yet I know her only through her words and spirit.) I also love the book of Isaiah in the Bible. Authors: Craig Childs, Annie Proulx, Maile Meloy (short stories only).

Places to travel: Colorado and Utah wilderness. I am hoping to backpack in Mongolia over the next year or so. I love the wilderness, places off the grid, northern Maine and northern NH, the upper peninsula of Michigan where my father's family is from.

Music: folk - picture sitting around a fire, and acoustic guitars are playing, and voices are singing harmony, and I can sip my scotch without a migraine, and all is well with the world, or I am sitting by a lake, and folks are gathered together playing. I LOVE THIS.

People/mentors: my stepfather, my grandmothers, and animals. I believe animals are some of my greatest teachers. Just yesterday a beautiful blackbear stared me down, rose on his haunches before walking away. Fox and coyote and deer - all of them bring messages and lessons if we listen.

I love how natural and clean and pure Tamara's site feels. I am drawn to "natural." I also like how it draws you in. It definitely feels evocative - I like how I feel when I land there. The colors feel "light" - not light as in pastel, but light as in light versus darkness. Pure.